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Upcoming Schedule

  • Wednesdays Intermediate 7:30-8:30PM (Karibe)


Matthew Clemente is an accomplished Salsa instructor with a deep-rooted love for the art of dance. His journey began in 2011 when he embarked on his training under the expert guidance of Marcus Nieves, the renowned founder of MDN Latin Dance School. It was there that Matthew discovered his true calling and dedicated himself wholeheartedly to mastering the intricate movements and vibrant rhythms of New York Style On2.

At MDN, Matthew’s commitment to excellence and his unwavering enthusiasm earned him the privilege of being a part of the MDN Latin Dance Team which allowed him to grace the stage at some of the most renowned Salsa congresses, both nationally and internationally. Matthew’s teaching repertoire extends from beginner classes, where he instills the fundamentals with clarity and precision, to intermediate levels, where he challenges his students to expand their skills and explore the depth of salsa as an art form.

Beyond the dance floor, Matthew is a true ambassador for salsa, spreading its joy and positivity wherever he goes. He believes that dance has the power to transcend barriers and create connections between individuals, and he strives to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment in his classes. Matthew’s warm and encouraging demeanor allows students to feel comfortable, inspired, and ready to embrace the transformative power of dance.

World Salsa Summit Awards:

  • 2019 1st place Men’s Team Shines
  • 2020 3rd place Men’s Salsa Solo
  • 2020 2nd place Men’s Team Shines
  • 2020 3rd place Salsa Large Team

Matt had the honor of performing at the official Tito Puente Jr. and Eddie Torries Jr. dancers half-time show at MSG in 2016!


Private Lessons

Offering personalized coaching to aspiring dancers of all levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner eager to take your first steps or a seasoned performer aiming to refine your technique, private lessons are tailored to suit your individual needs and goals.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are designed to bring people together, creating a lively and supportive environment where dancers of all levels can connect, learn, and grow. Matt has vast experience teaching group lessons at festivals, congresses, private events, etc.

Wedding Choreo

Whether you’ve danced together for years or have never taken a dance step in unison, Matt’s wedding choreography services are designed to transform your first dance into an extraordinary and cherished moment conducive to an unforgettable wedding!

Kids Classes

Experience dynamic and inclusive kids dance class environment where children can discover the joy of movement, rhythm, and self-expression. With a focus on fun and interactive learning, Matt provides a nurturing space for kids to enhance their dancing skillset!

Salsa Shines

Salsa Shines is a unique dance form that allows dancers to break away from the traditional partner work and express themselves through intricate and dazzling solo footwork. Matt will help you add flair, creativity, and personal style to your Salsa repertoire.

Salsa Partnerwork

Delve into the essence of salsa as a social dance, focusing on the partnership, communication, and seamless coordination between dance partners. Matt has vast experience catering to dancers of all levels from beginners to advanced. 

Classes Taught
1 +

Classes taught ranging from workshops, congresses, and regular shines, partnerwork, group, and private lessons.

1 +

Captivating performances at socials, festivals, cruises, etc. Experienced in both solo and group performances.

Years of Experience
1 +

Dedicated student of the renowned MDN Latin Dance Studios headed by Marcus Nieves of New Jersey.

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